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Is Bleach coming back?
Bleach ended this Thursday after 366 episodes and over seven years of being on TV. For a lot of people, myself included, Bleach was a part of Tuesdays. No matter how good or bad an anime season was, there was always Bleach. It wasn't the greatest thing, but it was good enough to keep watching. The final episode left a lot of openings for Bleach to come back, but it's still unclear what exactly is going to happen with the series, but there's some solid evidence to help us make up our minds.

First, the bad. Bleach ratings have not been doing well. They have sank so low that it's being replaced with a Naruto spinoff. But, that doesn't mean the series is dead. The anime has caught up to the manga, which means it is possible the anime is taking a break and will return later, something like what Naruto did when it entered filler hell and transformed into Naruto Shippuden. The evidence in the last episode does well to point to Bleach coming back in some form, whether it be another season or a continuation as a movie or an OVA.

The first thing that stuck out to me was how the final episode stuck with the manga. If it was going to end, it's highly likely the writers of the anime would have added their own conclusion to it. spoiler (mouseover to show). There were also several instances where main characters were directly addressing the viewers and telling them that they'd see them later.

The evidence from this does seem to point towards Bleach coming back in some form. However, there is a dark cloud hanging over my optimism for Bleach's return, and it's money. If ratings have been dropping, TV Tokyo might not want to bring it back. Then again, fans of the manga have expressed their concerns that the last arc was a strong turn from what the series had to offer. It might be possible the Fullbringer arc turned off a lot of fans. Admittedly, I didn't enjoy it nearly as much as other non-filler arcs myself. Perhaps the people in charge are aware of this and they realize that Bleach is a strong brand who can reinvent itself with a new title and the same characters, like Naruto Shippuden did after an eternity in filler hell.

Overall, I'm still leaning towards Bleach returning in some form. It's going to be a while, they're pretty close to the manga. If you're a Bleach fan, just hang in there and hope for the best. I do have my doubts, but they're not concrete.
by steve in anime over 3 years ago no comments (yet) with 1 points and 15069 views.


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