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Is Reddit Being Taken Over By An Elite Group Of People Who Work For Conde Naste?
This post contains an album/multiple attachments. xl6gd66fx8.png moretimestamp.png It's entirely possible. I was looking through my trusty image folder on my computer, and I stumbled upon a post I had saved from a long, long time ago in the form of an image. The post suggests that elite users are basically infiltrating sub-reddits in order to take control and make sure the posts there are acceptable to the image of the corporate overlords who preside over Reddit now.

According to the timestamp on the file of this screenshot, this happened in the beginning of September of 2011. Since then, we've seen the emergence of people like BritishEnglishPolice. He happens to be a moderator in over 160 reddits, most of which are extremely popular.

We've also seen the destruction of Karmanaut, and the revelation that karmanaut is in fact several people and that the people behind karmanaut have multiple other accounts. These accounts have been seen having conversations with each other, fueling the typical reddit circlejerk for karma that happens in the comments section. Karmanaut's other account was "probablyhittingonyou" and it was established that they were the same person.

The most staggering coup of all sub reddits seems to be /r/lgbt. Suddenly, the moderation staff becomes extremely hostile towards its users and starts to push an agenda. I have absolutely no evidence that they are working for anything associated with the Reddit staff, but it's yet another example of a small group of users making a move to dominate control of a sub reddit.
by steve in decline of reddit over 3 years ago no comments (yet) with 1 points and 680 views.


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